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82year-age difference (matching hats)
Image by Paberu Oishi (do not reproduce without permission)

7. Materiality

Dismantling a Bedroom of Youth: How space and material culture mediate the life course

John Loewenthal (Oxford Brookes University)

6. The Mind

“Not in His Right Mind”:  The Life course of Adoptees Diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder in the United States

Rachael Stryker (ACYIG, California State University East Bay)

The Value of Intergenerational Storytelling

Sara Thiam (AAGE/ACYIG, Michigan Technological University

5. Generations

 The importance of ‘blood,’ identity, and intergenerational relationships over the life course of Ugandan children orphaned by AIDS

Kristen Cheney (ACYIG, International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, Netherlands)

Time and bodies in grandparenthood

Josien de Klerk (AAGE, Leiden University, The Hague, Netherlands)

4. Futurity

Futures past: Absent kinships and the Japanese child welfare system

Kathryn E. Goldfarb (ACYIG, University of Colorado, Boulder)

The urban future and the aging body

Tiina Suopajärvi (AAGE, University of Helsinki)

3. Death

“Time is no longer a river”: Reflections on life, death, and youth in the digital age

Jenny Huberman (ACYIG, University of Missouri-Kansas City)

Growing old and growing up: Teaching and learning about death

Cristina Douglas (AAGE, University of Bucharest)


2. Method

Age imaginaries in school ethnography

Patrick Alexander (ACYIG, Oxford Brookes University)

Putting linked lives at the center of ethnography

Barbara Pieta (AAGE, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology)

1. Difference

Aged culture

Elise Berman (ACYIG, co-facilitator of CRN Life Course, University of North Carolina Charlotte)

The legacies of age: Some thoughts on categories, change and continuity

Jason Danely (AAGE, co-facilitator of CRN Life Course, Oxford Brookes University)


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