Did you know…

  • that AAGE had 200 members in 1980 (the days of paper member forms and paying by check)?
  • Or that we used to have regular updates on physical anthropology and policy on aging?
  • Or that that past winners of the Margaret Clark Student Paper Award have included Kate de Medieros (Miami Univ) and Ross Andel (Professor of Aging Studies USF Tampa)?

browse the archive and find out more about AAGE!

AAGE was originally conceived by a group of visionaries including Jay Sokolovsky, Kevin Eckert and Chris Fry on the Midway Plaisance of the University of Chicago in 1976. The idea that took shape over a bottle of wine and a picnic lunch, would become a full-fledged organization in December of 1978. By the following year, AAGE was a registered non-profit (in Illinois) and began publishing a newsletter. The full archive has not been available before, and is a rich source of not only organizational history, but also events, awards, conferences, and research.

This repository of newsletters is a work in process. It is, currently, not in a form that is searchable, nor is it complete. Through the help of past members, however, we hope to eventually fill in the gaps.

If you are searching for material from AAGE during a certain President, a list of the past Presidents can be found here

For issues from 2007-present, see the Anthropology & Aging website. We are in the process of extracting and assigning DOIs to this content.

Although this is a member only repository, material may be reproduced for educational use

A special thank you to past Editors Dena Shenk and Samantha Solimeo for all of your work helping to compile this archive.

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