Anthropology & Aging (formerly Anthropology & Aging Quarterly) is the official publication of the Association for Anthropology & Gerontology. Our first issue was published in 1979 (members access archives here), primarily as a newsletter for the organization. In 2006 it obtained an ISSN: 1559-6680. Since 2014 it has been a full-fledged digital journal hosted by University Library Systems at the University of Pittsburgh.

Follow this link to the Anthropology & Aging open-access digital journal website.

In keeping with AAGE’s goals to further the exchange of knowledge in ways that can improve the lives of older adults, our publication is freely accessible to anyone (“Gold Open-Access”).

However, sustaining this commitment to open access publishing depends on our membership. The best way to support the journal is to become a member (a cost less than the price of purchasing a single article from other scholarly publications!). Become a member of AAGE at our membership management website following this link.

Author Submission Process
All manuscripts should be submitted by registering on our website.

You can find complete information regarding submissions on the site here

If you are interested in reviewing a book or having your book reviewed by us, please write to us

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