Welcome to Erika Carrillo, AAGE’s New Secretary!

Please join us in welcoming Erika Carrillo as AAGE’s new Secretary! Erika is a doctoral candidate at Purdue University where she is pursuing her dual title in Anthropology and Gerontology. Her dissertation research is in San Francisco, California, among aging Latinos and their families. The project examines the everyday ethics and moral decision making involved in care for older people and the socio-materiality of food in care relationships. The project also examines how people who provide care define and negotiate what qualifies as “good” care for older adults in a rapidly changing urban landscape. Erika has shared different stages of this research at AAGE’s biannual conferences as well as an AAGE invited panel at the AAA conference. Her dissertation defense is fast approaching and she is excited for the opportunity to be more involved in the AAGE organization as secretary.

Photo of Erika Carrillo
Erika Carrillo, AAGE Secretary

Erika has been a proud AAGE member for over seven years and appreciative of the supportive community that AAGE provides for new scholars. She recommends anyone join AAGE who is seeking a valuable opportunity to develop professionally in the field of anthropology, aging, and the life course. Through AAGE’s professional conferences, Erika can attest to the great collaborations and mentoring she has received from longtime members. AAGE’s journal and blog are both great ways to share research and news. AAGE’s network has helped Erika develop as a scholar and is looking forward to providing her secretary service to an organization that has done so much for her. In the past, she has served as AAGE’s student liaison (2014-2015) which was her first professional service position as a graduate student and she ready to begin her secretary duties in 2022.

We also want to take a moment to say thank you to our previous secretary, Dr. Fayana Richards! We are so thankful for your service as AAGE secretary from 2020-2021. Thank you, Fayana!

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