Vote on the Revision of Bylaws

Over the past few years it has become clear that our current bylaws (1979) no longer reflect our association’s operating practices nor its structure. The Executive Council recently reviewed the bylaws with an eye towards 1) streamlining the association’s organization; 2) incorporating a greater number of perspectives; 3) modernizing our legal and fiscal structure (reincorporating as a 501c3); and 4) providing greater clarity in regard to operations. After months of discussion, we invite you to vote on the acceptance/ rejection of proposed revised bylaws.

Members should have received an email with a copy of the current and the proposed bylaws and organizational structure of AAGE.

Our current bylaws require a 2/3’s majority to approve revisions to the bylaws.  It is important that you vote.  Please voice your opinion by voting using the online link provided in your email by Nov 8th, 2013.

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