Volume 34, issue 2, November 2013

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Group Submission: “Silver Linings: Older People Defying Expectations”

Guest Editors’ Note
Lindsay DuBois & Liesl Gambold, Dalhousie University

Challenging Marginalization at the Universities of the Third Age in Poland
Jessica Robbins-Ruszkowski, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars/ University of Michigan

Activist Pensioners, a Contradiction in Terms? Argentina’s Jubilados
Lindsay DuBois, Dalhousie University

Retirement Abroad as a Women’s Aging Strategy
Liesl Gambold, Dalhousie University


General Reviewed Submissions

“No Peace in the House”: Witchcraft Accusations as an “Older Woman’s Problem” in Ghana
Alexandra Crampton, Marquette University


Book Reviews
Gonzalez Sanders, Delia J and Fortinsky, Richard H. Dementia Care With Black and Latino Families: A Social Work Problem-Solving Approach
Janelle Christensen

Osage, Patricia and McCall, Mary. Connecting with Socially Isolated Seniors: A Service Provider’s Guide
Diane L. Brown

Lynch, Caitrin. My Name is Julius: a film about growing old, staying young, and confronting a lifetime of hearing loss
Lynch, Caitrin. Retirement on the Line : Age, Work, and Value in an American Factory
Anne Velardi


Short note from the Editor-in-Chief: WHY do you call this issue 2?

Some of you might be wondering why this is “issue 2” when it is paginated and sequenced as if it were issue 3. The simple answer is that pagination and sequence of publication are not always linked to issue number. In this case, issue number 2 was planned for June, and number 3 for September. However, circumstances delayed the issue, and when they were resolved, issue 3 had already come and gone. Issue 4 is still scheduled for publication in December. Our apologies for the delay and any confusion.


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