VITAL postdoctoral research fellowship in social studies of medicine: “Associating dementia”

“Associating dementia” (39.5 months from 15 August 2016)

This is an exciting opportunity to join a new research team that will carry out collaborative ethnographic research on the making of quality of life; based in one of Europe’s most vibrant Anthropology departments at the University of Copenhagen and living in one of the world’s best cities. The research project “The Vitality of Disease – Quality of Life in the Making” (VITAL) is hiring a postdoc to commence duties in summer 2016. Funded by the European Research Council, the candidate will contribute to the overall objectives of VITAL ( by carrying out an independent ethnographic study within a predefined problem field. The country and concrete site of the study will depend on the candidate and should be outlined in detail in the application. There are no geographic limitations, and while a strong effort will be made to have a diversity of project countries and sites, the strongest candidate will be offered the position. VITAL postdocs will play a crucial role in the conceptual and methodological innovations required by the project as a collective endeavour. Candidates must hold a PhD degree in anthropology, sociology or science studies. Experience with social studies of medicine is preferred.

Read more and apply here:

Application deadline: 4 April 2016 (at 12:00 PM Danish Time)

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