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Relatives and Robots: A Conversation on Elder Care in Japan with James Wright and Jason Danely

The sudden urgent discussions around Artificial Intelligence (AI) flooding into every aspect of our lives has sparked a resurgence of interest in the topic of robot caregivers. In Italy, Europe’s oldest country, some think robots will be able to fill the gap left by shrinking families and concerns about the sustainability of its system of […]

The Importance of ‘Blood,’ Identity, and Intergenerational Relationships over the Life Course of Ugandan Children Orphaned by AIDS

  “They are my daughter’s blood. I couldn’t watch my blood suffer,” an elderly grandmother in Uganda told me. She was referring to her daughter’s four orphaned children, explaining why she refused to allow the children to go live with their father’s clan – the clan that is traditionally responsible for the upbringing of orphaned […]

Growing old and growing up: Teaching and learning about death

This post is part of the Life Course Collaborative Research Network blog exchange, also available on the website of ACYIG. To see all of the posts in the series, click here. In 2004, as part of my research regarding the beliefs in ‘strigoi’ (a term referring to dead people who come back to harm and […]