Special issue ideas for Anthropology & Aging

Anthropology & Aging are already at work brainstorming ideas for the next special issue for Fall 2016!

Here are some of the suggestions from the last AAGE meeting held at AAA Confernece in Washington DC last December:

The old old(1)

Emotion and Aging

Age identification

Caregiving of and by elderly persons (4)

Gendered Aging (1)

Aging in Post-war societies

Aging in institutions (1)

Aging and Visual Representation (1)

Aging and Transnational care (1)

Aging and Life course

Meanign of retirement and life course transitions

Aging and Policy

Aging in Diaspora

Old Bones- osteoporosis, activity, shrinkage, etc.

Aging on the move- migrations, transportation, mobility

*(numbers in bracket represent the number of additional votes of interest indicated at the meeting)

Do you have an idea for organizing a special issue?

Want to organize those papers from the last AAA, GSA, SfAA, AGHE, or other conferences into a special section?

We are accepting any ideas you may have about special issues. If you have an idea or some comments on one of the topics above, please leave it below. This way additional responses can build up into potential collaborations or more refined thoughts.

If you already have the beginnings of an organized group submission, email your idea and any details (proposal, titles, abstracts, number of papers, type of submission, etc.) to journal@jeans13.sg-host.com.

We plan to put out a CFP by October with a deadline on or around June 1, 2016.

Looking forward to all of your ideas!

Jason Danely
Editor-in-Chief, Anthropology & Aging



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