Request for Abstracts and Chapters: Anthropological Perspectives on Aging

This announcement comes from AAGE member Britteny Howell, who will edit this volume along with Ryan P. Harrod.


Globally, nearly 15% of the world’s population is over 65 years of age. As this number continues to grow, there is increasing need to incorporate a holistic perspective of the aging process into academic and other training programs for future and current professionals alike. This edited volume examines human aging through an anthropological lens to understand the biological, cultural, linguistic, and health implications of a growing aging population.  With contributions from noted anthropological scholars, this work examines evolutionary and biological understandings of human aging, the changing roles of elders in various societies, issues of gender and ageism, and the role of chronic illness and “successful aging” among older adults. Geared toward academics, this text also provides useful research and resources for researchers and service professionals in gerontology and geriatrics.


In this volume, we hope to bring together chapters discussing such anthropological issues as primate aging patterns, evolutionary and archaeological perspectives of human aging, menopause, the role of storytelling and generativity for older adults, the changing roles of older adults in various societies across the globe, issues of gender or ageism, healthy or “successful aging” patterns, and/or chronic illness in the older adult.

If you would be willing to contribute, please submit an abstract of around 350 words by June 1, 2020. Should your abstract be accepted, you would write a chapter of approximately 13 pages (4,500 words), final manuscripts would be due December 15, 2020 for editorial review.


Submissions should fall into one of the following three categories (please specify which):

Section I: Biological & Archaeological Perspectives on Aging

 Section II: Cultural & Linguistic Anthropological Perspectives on Aging

 Section III: Health & Medical Anthropological Perspectives on Aging

Questions can be directed to corresponding editor:  Dr. Britteny M. Howell

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