Report on #2022AAASeattle


Through the auspices of the AAA Interest Group (IG) on Aging and the Life Course – the interests of AAGE were well represented in the 2022 Meetings. Besides the many sessions our members organized and participated in, this included:

An invited session “Caring for Varied Aging Populations in Senior Housings and Facilities as Cultural Space.” – under the IG umbrella

An Interlocutor event / receptionA celebration of the books published in the past couple of years with a special focus on the new book, Imagistic Care: Growing Old in a Precarious World, fusing anthropology, art and philosophy within unique global project “Aging as a Human Condition.” Jay Sokolovsky and Maria Cattell interrogated anthropologist Robert Desjarlais and philosopher Rasmus Dyring about the book’s connection to their respective disciplines.


Our Friday Night Dinner – 16 of us gathered at a pan-Asian restaurant for a wonderful meal and AAGE fellowship.


A joint AAA IG/AAGE Business Meeting – This meeting not only marked the transition between outgoing AAGE President Aaron Seamon and our President-Elect Cati Coe but also involved a wide ranging discussion of the future plans for the next AAA in Toronto, the range of publishing platforms for our research and how to best communicate within the variety of social media platforms. It also included the presentation of the Margaret Clark and Jacob Climo Awards.

Meet the Jacob Climo Travel Award Winner.

The AAGE Climo Award Selection Committee is proud to announce that Jiangjiang Wu was selected as our 2022 award winner, which comes with a prize of $300.

Jiangjiang Wu presenting her paper at the AAA Invited Session, November 9, 2022.

JJ, as she is known, is working to complete her PhD at University of Wisconsin Madison. She is interested in eldercare, eldercare facilities, active aging, and China. Her doctoral research focuses on the for-profit eldercare facilities presently emerging in urban China that serve wealthy active older adults and encourage an active late life. At the 2022 AAA meeting JJ presented a paper: “Caring for Active Older Adults: The Dilemma of Professional Filiality in China” in the session she organized: “Caring for Varied Aging Populations in Senior Housings and Facilities as Cultural Space.” This was chosen as the Invited Session of the AAA Interest Group on Aging and the Life Course.

The 2022 Climo Award Silent Book Auction – This year there was a total of 27 books offered, including 6 wonderful book from 2022! The auction raised $511 and will help AAGE perhaps raise the travel award amount in the future.

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