November book discussion: Anita Hannig’s The Day I Die

Our next book discussion will be on Anita Hannig’s The Day I Die: The Untold Story of Assisted Dying in America (Sourcebooks, 2022) on Friday, November 10, 12-1pm (Eastern, North America).

About the book: Lyrical and lucid, sensitive but never sentimental, The Day I Die tackles one of the most urgent social issues of our time: how to restore dignity and meaning to the dying process in the age of high-tech medicine. Meticulously researched and compassionately rendered, the book exposes the tight legal restrictions, frustrating barriers to access, and corrosive cultural stigma that can undermine someone’s quest for an assisted death—and why they persist in achieving the departure they desire.

The moderator of the discussion will be Ellen Badone, professor emerita at McMaster University, who is embarking on a new project on medical-aid-in-dying in Canada.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Cati Coe for access to the reading and the Zoom link.

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