Nominations for the position of Treasurer

The Association for Anthropology & Gerontology is seeking nominations for the position of Treasurer. Self-nominations are encouraged.

The Treasurer is an elected position with a 5 year term of office.

Responsibilities include:

  • maintaining a record of income and expenditures
  • maintaining a record of dues paid
  • preparing an annual report
  • collaborating with the Secretary to maintain organizational paperwork
  • collaborating with the social media coordinator to maintain the membership system.

Prior financial expertise is not required, though organizational skills are a plus but not required.

The outgoing Treasurer will work with the incoming Treasurer in an advisory capacity.

This position is central to the functioning of our organization and is an excellent way for early career members to foster their own professional network.

Nominations are open and should be sent to Rebecca Berman .

Candidates must be members in good standing prior to accepting their nomination. Membership renewal can be completed online here

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