Membership dues increase

The Executive Committee of AAGE decided to raise its membership rates slightly, from the modest levels they have been for some time, to reduce the gap between our annual costs and projected revenue. We also added a new category—a ten-year membership—and ended the lifetime membership category. Those who have already opted into a lifetime membership will retain it in perpetuity. These changes are effective immediately.

The new rates for our memberships are:

Student US$ 25

Retired US$ 25

Professional US$ 35

Ten years US$ 250

More information about the Association for Anthropology, Gerontology, and the Life Course (AAGE) can be found at:  You can join or renew your membership from the menu at the top of the homepage, and donate through a button at the bottom. You can peruse our peer-reviewed, open-access journal, Anthropology & Aging at:

Thanks for being part of this organisation! Please feel free to reach out to any of us to tell us how we might better serve your professional and scholarly goals.

Cati Coe, President

Aaron Seaman, Past President

Jean Schensul, Treasurer

Erika Carrillo, Secretary

Brooke Jespersen, Student Representative

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