Latest Anthropology & Aging Issue (Vol 40, No 1)

Dear Colleagues,

The latest Anthropology & Aging issue (Vol 40, No 1) has just been published. It can be found online at:

This issue, the first one for 2019, features a selection of pieces exploring the effects of aging on religious lives.  For instance, there is an article detailing how evangelical Christian cosmology and thought function in reformulating elderhood across various ethnographic contexts. Another article investigates how older adults use information and communication technologies (ICTs) in their spiritual and religious lives.

There are also research articles in this issue dealing with aging in the context of a mega-casino, long term care in Southeast Italy, and a cultural treatment of how Smith Islanders (Maryland, USA) interact over the life-course with the environment—and its consequences for local knowledge and socio-ecological systems.

In addition to these research articles, there is also an interview of the AAGE President (Dr. Janelle S. Taylor) conducted by Levi Mitzen.

Please check out this most exciting and brand new issue.

Yours Truly,

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