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All of the articles in the latest issue of Anthropology & Aging (vol 44 no 2) are now available free to download!

This Special Issue highlights original research articles generated from the five-year, multi-country project, the Anthropology of Smartphones and Smart Aging (ASSA), based at University College London and led by Professor Daniel Miller. Through five compelling articles (and an excellent introduction piece by Miller), 11 of the project’s researchers offer comparative insights on active aging, intergenerational relationships, grandparenting, ‘the transportal home,’ and the ambivalence of digitalities through engaged ethnographic methods.

As always, our Book Reviews section includes critical reviews of a range of monographs focusing on diverse cultural contexts. If you want to review a book for Anthropology & Aging, please contact the Book Review Editor.

To submit your own article, commentary, research report or ‘portfolio’ visual work, visit the journal website.

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