CFP: International Journal of Nursing Student Scholarship

This looks like a great opportunity for students working on matters relevant to multinational, transcultural, and global nursing care. Like Anthropology and Aging, it is open-access, fast, and peer-reviewed!


The International Journal of Nursing Student Scholarship (IJNSS) was created to provide the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate nursing students to publish their scholarly papers that have been completed as course assignments.

Submissions will also be accepted from students in related health disciplines if they have completed course work that is applicable to the discipline and profession of nursing in particular or to health and human services in general. The aim is to facilitate interprofessional / collaborative learning, foster an interest in research and its dissemination, and promote innovations in health care practice.

Please invite your course professor, faculty advisor, or thesis supervisor to be a joint author with you.

As an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, IJNSS invites scholarly papers that have not been previously published pertaining to multinational, transcultural, and/or global aspects of nursing care in the context of both health and illness. Please use the style guidelines of the American Psychological Association ( APA, 6th ed.) and limit length to no more than 22 double-spaced pages. Articles will be published as soon as they have been reviewed and accepted, as opposed to publishing only 4 to 5 journal issues per year.  Book Reviews, and/or reviews of AV material, which will not be refereed, are also welcome.

See info re: submission on the University of Calgary website:


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