Call for nominations

Dear AAGE members,

The call for nominations for President-Elect and Secretary the Association of Anthropology and Gerontology has been extended. Please consider demonstrating your commitment to the unique value and future of AAGE by nominating yourself or a colleague to run for office! We ask that if you are nominating someone other than yourself, you please obtain that person’s permission.

The terms for officers begin at the annual business meeting held in November 2015.The President-Elect serves a one-year term, followed by a two years as President, and one year as Past-President. The President-Elect assists the President with decision-making, planning and coordinating activities and replaces the President in his/her absence. Attendance at the annual business meeting of AAGE is expected, which is typically held in conjunction with the national meetings of other professional associations— such as the American Anthropological Association or the Gerontological Society of America—that our members are likely to attend. AAGE has, in the past, accommodated different conference schedules of members by holding meetings in both locations and coordinating those meetings via liaisons at each location. All other meetings of officers are held by phone conference.

The Secretary serves a two-year term and is expected to record minutes of all AAGE meetings, including the annual business meeting. He/she also handles official correspondence of the organization.

Nominees should submit the following to Rebecca Berman, Elections Coordinator at

Name, title, affiliation and all contact information
A brief nominee statement indicating your interest in service, the position being sought (President-Elect or Secretary) and special qualifications for contributing to AAGE
An abbreviated Curriculum Vitae or Résumé (1 page)

In addition we are looking for a volunteer to step up and assist with managing the AAGE web site.

Thank you for being willing to contribute to the future of AAGE!

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