Aging and the Life Course at the 2023 AAA / CASCA Meetings in Toronto

Continuing a strong trend over the past five years there were a wider range of sessions, panels and events related to aging and the life course, within this AAA conference, than at any previous meetings. This included scholars from not only North American, but Europe, Asia and Australia – to view the list see:

It is important to note that the AAA Interest Group on Aging and the Life Course provides conference space for an invited session and one or more special events. This year the IG selected a wonderful invited session “Transitions in Later Life” organized by Ellen Badone and AAGE President Cati Coe.


Cati Coe and Sheridan Conty presenting at the Invited Session Discussant Elana Buch at the Invited Session

We also hosted our annual Interlocutor Special Event, which always provides space for celebrating new books and research. There, Jay Sokolovsky and Maria Cattell interviewed members of the award- winning, “Resemblage Project: Remixing Scarborough’s Stories of Aging.”We also had an interlocutor special event, a space for both celebrating of new books/research and where Jay Sokolovsky and Maria Cattell interviewed members of the award winning, “Resemblage Project: Remixing Scarborough’s Stories of Aging.” This a digital intergenerational storytelling project in Toronto is designed to help think through and across differences in order to fashion new meanings of aging:

Celeste Pang and Andrea Charise of the Resemblage Project


Maria Cattell with Celeste and Andrea during the interview

There was also an IG Business Meeting which included discussion of the 2024 AAGE conference in Santa Fe and the awarding of the IG’s new $500 Christine Fry Graduate Student Travel Award. This year there were co-winners, Yvonne Wallace and Sheridan Conty, seen below. Appropriate for an AAA/CASCA in Toronto, the winners were both from Canadian graduate programs.




Yvonne and Sheridan displaying their awards

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