Aging and the Life Course at #AAA2015, update

AAGE will have a booth at the meeting of the American Anthropological Association (#AAA2015) starting this week in Denver.

Stop by booth 222 (the photo below is an artistic representation of what we think it should look like).

72-Year-Old Ruth Flowers Decided To Become A Club Dj At 68

(Well actually, it is 72 year old Ruth Flowers, a real DJ)

Stop by the booth and say hi, learn about what is going on in the organization and how you can get involved, and get the secret password to come to the exclusive AAGE conference dinner.

Also, take a look at our latest journal and the list of books available for review in the journal. Best of all, you can bid on books donated by members to support the the Jacob Climo Award for student travel to conferences.

See you in Denver!

AAGE at #AAA2015 part 1

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