AAQ Volume 34 issue 3, Special Issue on the Body, September 2013

AAQ34(3)coverAAQ 34(3) SEPTEMBER 2013

Editor’s Introduction to the issue: the Aging Body
Jason Danely

From Being to Ontogenetic Becoming: Commentary on Analytics of the Aging Body
Ender Ricart, University of Chicago
Katrina L. Moore, University of New South Wales, Australia
Athena C. McLean, Central Michigan University

Postmenopausal Health and Disease from the Perspective of Evolutionary Medicine
Andrew W. Froehle, Wright State University
Active Aging: Hiking, Walking, Health, and Healing
Rodney Steadman, University of Alberta, Candace I.J. Nykiforuk, University of Alberta, Helen Vallianatos, University of Alberta
Population Aging as the Social Body in Representation and Real Life
Alexandra Crampton, Marquette University
The Uncertain Bodies and Spaces of Aging in Place
Lauren Penney, University of Arizona
The Familial Dyad between Aged Patients and Filipina Caregivers in Israel: Eldercare, Bodily-based Practices, and the Jewish Family
Keren Mazuz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fascinating Wisdom: “The Solon Senior Project”
Judy Takács, Painter


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