AAGE @ #SfAA2016


AAGE members have been accepted to present a special SMA-sponsored panel at this year’s meeting of the Society of Applied Anthropology.


(TH-136) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
The Value of Applied Anthropology in Gerontology: Imagining Career Paths at the Intersection of Anthropology, Health, and Aging (SMA)

STAMEY MCALVAIN, Megan (NMSU) Quality of Life: A Qualitative Examination of Residents’ Training in Older Adult End of Life Care
SUZUKI, Nanami (Nat’l Museum of Ethnology) The Meaning of Collaborative Practices Conducted by Care Workers and Anthropologists after the Great East Japan Earthquake toward Aging-in-Place of Migrant Older Adults
PERKINSON, Margaret A. (UMBC) and ROCKEMANN, David D. (Plexus Grp) Teaching Applied Gerontology to Front-Line Staff of a New Continuing Care Retirement Community in China
SOKOLOVSKY, Jay (UF-St. Petersburg) Its Always about Process: Anthropologically Training Medical Students and Physicians about Health and ‘Late Life’ in Cultural Context
BRILLER, Sherylyn (Purdue U) Teaching at the Intersection of Anthropology and Aging: Preparing Students for Meaningful Applied Gerontology Careers


This panel explores the intersection between anthropology and gerontology in applied settings. Aging is a universal human experience, but human longevity, the rhythms of the life-course, and the experience of later life, vary enormously from one culture to another. Anthropologists are now working in many health and aging-related environments. This panel will bring together anthropologists (both senior and junior) who work in a variety of settings seeking to employ anthropology to provide innovative ways of helping health professionals view and respond to health issues in late life. Anthropologists can have a deep impact in the way future health professionals think about their patients and patient populations. Discussion will center on the roles, challenges and pedagogical issues in this growing and important area.

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