AAGE Seeking Nominations for Leadership Positions

AAGE is seeking nominations for four leadership positions, to be announced in late 2023. Leadership service is an excellent way to contribute to and shape the vision of the AAGE community! Any member of AAGE can nominate another member or self-nominate. Please take a moment to do so, by filling out this (Self-) Nomination Form.

Target date for nominations: Friday, October 13, 2023

Elections: October 16-31, 2023

Announcement of Results: November 2023

Open positions and descriptions (more details can be found in the AAGE by-laws Section 6)

1) President-Elect (4-year term, Nov 2023 – Nov 2027)

After one year as President-Elect, the person in that position begins a two-year term as President, followed by a one-year term as Past-President. The President-Elect and immediate Past-President assist the President in fulfilling the mission of the organization. In general, the President-Elect should keep up with AAGE matters relating to governance so they will be able to easily transition into the role of President.

2) Treasurer (3-year term, Nov 2023 – Nov 2026)

The Treasurer is responsible for managing AAGE’s financial matters. The Treasurer will work closely with AAGE’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors to plan the financial vision of the organization, and their primary duties will include: budget planning, financial reporting, record-keeping, and managing the organization’s funds.

3) Secretary (2-year term, Nov 2023 – Nov 2025)

The Secretary keeps the minutes of the meetings of the members and of the Board and serves as custodian of all AAGE documents. The secretary is responsible for compiling quarterly member news to be posted on the AAGE website and may work with the website editors to produce original content.

4) Student Liaison (2-year term, Nov 2023 – Nov 2025)

The Student Liaison acts as a representative of AAGE student members on the Executive Committee. The Liaison works with other members of the Executive Committee to communicate with student members, identify and prioritize their needs, develop student-focused programming. Liaisons can be students at any stage, with the understanding that they will fulfill the two-year term.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Aaron Seaman, aaron-seaman@uiowa.edu.

Please share widely, and thank you for your consideration!!

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