AAGE at #AAA2016! How to get involved in Minneapolis this November


The AAA meeting is massive. This year, thousands of anthropologists will descend on the “City of Lakes” for the four days of talks, meetings, workshops, and events, and once again, AAGE is there to help you find the most exciting panels on aging and the life course. The guide below contains links to the AAA program so that registered members can add them to the personal scheduler. There are also links to the AAGE/ Anthropology of Aging and the Life Course Interest Group meeting (Friday, 18 November 12:15PM-1:30PM) and  the AALIG special interlocutor session with Margaret Lock in conversation with Jay Sokolovsky and Athena McLean (Saturday 19 November 12:15PM-1:30PM). If we missed your panel/paper/poster or event, let us know. See you in Minneapolis!

*Please note that since the original post, room assignment are no longer listed on the online program and the rooms listed here may be incorrect. Best to check in closer to the conference!

Wednesday, November 16

8:30AM-12:30PM (CC 101F)

Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA) Dying and Bereavement Interest Group Knowledge Exchange (2-0015)

Organizer: Elisa Sobo
Chairs: Margaret Souza, Sherri Briller, Barbara Koenig, Susan Long, Betty Levin, Erica Bergstrom, Yvon Van Der Pijl, James Green

2:00PM-3:45PM (Marquette IX)

Risky Intimacies Across the Lifespan (2-0095)

Organizers: Kristin Kostick (Baylor College of Medicine) and Jean Schensul (Institute for Community Research)

4:00-5:45PM (Marquette IX)

Saving: Evidence of/for Preserving and Restoring Life, Health, and Values (2-0335)

Organizers: Jessica Hardin (Pacific University) and Risa Cromer (CUNY Graduate Center)
Presenters include Anna Corwin (4:30PM) Evidence of God’s Care: Care and the Pardox of Spiritual Healing

Thursday, November 17

1:45 PM – 3:30 PM (Hilton Conrad B)

AALIG Sponsored Session: Facing dementia: embracing uncertainties or exercising control?

Organisers: Silke Hoppe (University of Amsterdam) and Mark Smit (University of Amsterdam), Discussant: Aaron Seaman

4:00 PM – 5:45 PM (CC 102 C)

Invited Session: “Living in the wake of death: new socialities of aging”

Organisers: Laura Vermeulen (PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam) and Natashe Lemos Dekker (PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam), Discussant: Anne Allison (Duke)

4:00 PM – 5:45 PM (CC 209AB)

Pick a number: Intersections of Age and Bureaucracy (3-1280)

Organisers: Matilda Stubbs (Northwestern) and Kimberly Seibel (Northwestern). Discussant: Elana Buch (Univ. Iowa)

Friday, November 18

8:00-9:45AM (Hilton Duluth)

Evidence of Friendship: Intimacy, Obligation, and Affection across Time and Space (4-0025)

Organizers: Jessica Robbins-Ruszkowski (Wayne State Univ) and Seth Messinger (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences), Discussant: Ashley Lebner (Wilfrid Laurier University)

10:15AM-12:00PM (Marquette IX)

Ageing in the Danish Welfare State: What’s The Ethnographic Evidence of the Happiest Nation on Earth? (4-0370)

Organizer: Bjarke Oxlund (Univ. Copenhagen, DK), Chair: Jay Sokolovsky, Discussant: Maria Vesperi

12:15-1:30PM,  AALIG/ AAGE Business meeting – All Invited!

Learn about what the group is up to, raise your voice and get involved in decisions and new projects (including contributing to the website!). This group relies on many individuals, and we invite anyone (members or not) to attend and get to know us!

1:45-3:30PM (H- Salon E)

“It Runs In The Family”: The Phenomenology of Kinship and Contagious Connections. Part 1 (4-0905)

Organizer(s): Lotte Meinert (Aarhus University, DK), Lone Groen (Aarhus University, DK), Chair: Veena Das (Johns Hopkins University)


Organizers: Annelieke Driessen (University of Amsterdam), Susanne van den Buuse (University of Amsterdam), Discussant: Janelle Taylor

 4:00PM-5:45PM (H- Conrad D)

Contesting Evidence-Based Medicine: Knowledge Frameworks for Understanding and Discussing End-Of-Life Care (4-1150)

Organizers Melissa Basile (Northwell Health), Margaret Souza (SUNY, Empire State), Discussant Barbara Koenig

[includes several papers on ACP, DNR, and EOL care]

4:15-4:30PM (CC 208A)

Work -Danger, Accident, and Contingency (4-1355)

Philip Kao (University of Pittsburgh) Waiting (and Working) for the Reckoning: The Practices and Contradictions of Modern Time

7:30pm Networking Dinner, meet near Hilton Hotel registration desk (Organized by Jay Sokolovsky. Venue TBD)


Saturday, Nov 19

12:15-1:30PM(CC 102AB)

AALIG Reception and Interlocutor event

“Cultural Constructions of Demenia: A Conversation with Professor Margaret Lock”

This event begins with a celebration of recent books and continues with a conversation with author, Anthropologist,*  This event also includes an opening reception for recent book authors (such as Bianca Brijnath, Jason Danely, David Prendergast & Chiara Garattini, and others. It continues with an interview of Margaret Lock about The Alzheimers Conundrum: Entanglements of Dementia and Aging, seeking an embedded social understanding of dementia and a public health approach to prevention.

Sunday, Nov 20

8:00AM-9:45AM (CC 200G)

Organizer: Lee Brando (New School for Social Research)




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