AAGE at AAA 2014, Washington DC, December 3-7 2014

April 15th is the deadline for submitting poster and panel abstracts for the 113th  AAA Annual Meeting.

The theme of the meeting is Producing Anthropology,” which,  the Program Chairs note, also produces a wealth of questions about anthropology:what are our epistemological commitments to the ways we make  scientific knowledge today? What impact do our epistemic convictions and  predilections have, intended or not? What goals do we want to set for  ourselves? What partnerships should we build? What audiences should we seek?  And how will the truths we generate change as we contend with radical shifts in  scholarly publishing, employment opportunities, and labor conditions for  anthropologists, as well as the politics of circulating the anthropological  records we produce?”

As always, AAGE will be present at the conference, linking our annual business meeting to that of the Aging and the Life Course Interest Group within AAA. This year, the Interest Group has continued its Interlocutor Special Event series with anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson. Mary Catherine Bateson about her book Composing a Further Life: The Age of Active Wisdom (2010, Random House), which considers the implication of viewing 21st Century aging as an improvisational art form. It is a follow up to Composing a Life (2001 Grove Press), which had a similar way of weaving life stories with a sense of creative potential and inspiration in later life. Her latest book explores the many possibilities that longer life spans and greater resources afford for reimagining how to create meaning in later adulthood both individually and as a legacy to future generations (read the LA Times book review here).  Professor Bateson will be interviewed by Jay Sokolovsky and Athena McLean who will also facilitate dialogue with the audience.


I believe that we will be able to count on Jay to bring the champagne and cookies as always.

The AAGE/Interest Group business meeting is a great way to get to know what is happening within and between these groups and to become more involved, from student intern positions to executive board positions. I believe it was my first AAGE business meeting when I was asked to write a book review not ten minutes in. A few years later, I was being asked to take on the Editor position for the journal. With plans underway for a 2015 AAGE workshop and further development of the journal, there are more ways to get involved than ever. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Per last year, we will request Saturday at 6pm or 12:15 as alternative time for that day.

Last but not least is the AAA Interest Group and AAGE Dinner (either Friday or Saturday night). All members are welcome to join and Jay Sokolovsky will update us about further details.

We’ll keep posting as we hear back about accepted panels, develop our agenda for the business meeting, and make our plans to meet up in DC.

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