AAGE 2020 conference CANCELLED

On behalf of the AAGE officers and program committee, I am writing to let you all know that in light of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to suspend planning for this summer’s conference on “Aging and Social Justice” in Toronto. We were very much looking forward to this gathering, but calling it off seems the only responsible course of action at this point, given public health advice — especially considering that all of us work closely with older adults, who have proven to be particularly vulnerable to and hard-hit by this disease.
      At this time, the conference in summer 2020 is cancelled — but we hope and intend to hold the conference at a later date. Dates and other details remain to be determined, but we will certainly let you know, and we hope you will want to take part. In the meantime, thank you for the good work that you do to shed anthropological light on aging, gerontology and the lifecourse.
     With respect, and wishing good health for you and yours,
Janelle Taylor (AAGE President)
Aaron Seaman (AAGE President-Elect & conference review committee member)
Jay Schensul (AAGE Treasurer & conference review committee member)
Fayana Richards (AAGE Secretary & conference review committee member)
+ the other members of the AAGE conference review committee: Leslie Carlin, Jason Danely, Cristina Douglas, Cortney Hughes Rinker, Tam Perry, Celeste Pang, and Christine Verbruggen

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