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Anthropology & Aging Quarterly back issues, including all issues from 2012 are available for download now. If you missed a previous issue, just click on any of the covers below to read or download (best viewed with Adobe Reader). The contents of each issue (not including book reviews) is listed for each issue below. For details on the current issue, click here.

AAQ 33(4) DECEMBER 2012

Let Him Hold You: Spiritual and Social Support in a Catholic Convent Infirmary
Anna I. Corwin, University of Californa Los Angeles

A Little to One Side: Caregiving, Spatial Seclusion, and Spiritual Border-Crossing in Frail Old Age among the Tuareg (Kel Tamajaq)
Susan Rasmussen, University of Houston

AAQ33(4)coverPaying Down the Care Deficit: The Health Consequences for Grandmothers Caring for
Grandchildren in a Mexican Migrant Community of Origin
Mary Alice Scott, New Mexico State University

“Who are you to teach us?” Elder Abuse in Kyrgyzstan
Malik Alymkulov (photographs), Eppu Mikkonen-Jeanneret (text), HelpAge International Central Asia

Rethinking the Assessment of Daily “Difficulties”: From Functional Bodies to Functional Communities
Alex Costley, City University of New York

AAQ 33(3) SEPTEMBER 2012 (Special Issue: Aging in East Asia, pt. II)

AAQ33(3)_titleYoung Adults’ Perceptions of Intergenerational Communication: Mongolian and American
Charles W. Choi (George Fox University), Howard Giles (UC Santa Barbara) and Christopher Hajek (University of Texas, San Antonio)

Creating a Community of Resilience: New Meanings of Technologies for Greater Well-Being
in a Depopulated Town
Nanami Suzuki (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)

The Sense of Social Commitment and Well-being among Older Japanese Women: Focusing on the Reinterpretation and Exhibition of Bridal Noren
Yoko Taniguchi (Senshu University, Japan)

Rethinking Successful Aging from the Perspective of an Aging Japanese Statue of Jizō with Replaceable Heads
Kuniko Fujiwara (Kyoto University, Japan)

AAQ 33(2) JUNE 2012 (Special Issue: Aging in East Asia pt. I)

Ruminations on Studying Late Life in Japan
Susan Orpett Long (John Carroll University)

AAQ33.2coverDemographic Challenges for the 21st Century: Population Ageing and the Immigration
“Problem” in Japan  Ayumi Takenaka (Brandeis University)

A Terminal Patient’s Hopes for Connections Transcending Time
Megumi Kondo (Tenri Health Care University, Japan)

Transitions and Time: Dissonance between Social and Political Aging in South Korea
WonJee Cho (University of Georgia) and Denise C. Lewis (University of Georgia)

AAQ 33(1) FEBRUARY 2012

From the AAGE President   Lori L. Jervis
From the Editor   Jason Danely
New Publications in Anthropological Gerontology  Maria Cattell
Conference report
2009 American Anthropological Association Meeting, New Orleans, LA, Session on Culture, Health and Aging in Native North American Communities
Introduction Wayne Warry
Marie’s Story Of Aging Well: Toward New Perspectives on the Experience Of Aging For Aboriginal Seniors in Canada Syvia Abonyi and Marie Favel, Ile a la Crosse
Mistreatment and the Meaning of Respect for Native Elders Lori L. Jervis and William Sconzert Hall
Forgetting and Forgotten: Dementia in Aboriginal Seniors Kristen Jacklin and Wayne Warry
Understanding Aging: Culture, Cognitive Health and Contemporary Aboriginal People’s Experience with Dementia Jessica Pace
Perspectives on Brain Autopsy, Diabetic Amputation, and End-of-Life Issues among Elderly American Indian
People Neil Henderson, L. Carson Henderson, Ryan Blanton and Steven Gomez
Discussion Robert C. Harman and Wayne Warry

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