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AAGE guide to the meetings: American Anthropological Association, Dec 3-7, 2014

Every five years or so, the AAA meetings fall a little later in the year, making us wish the meetings were some place warm (remember New Orleans 2010?) rather than a city with an average December HIGH of about 47F degrees (remember Philadelphia 2009?). Nonetheless, it is sure to be a good turnout this year, […]

Silver Linings: Older People Defying Expectations – Lindsay DuBois and Liesl Gambold

Download entire group submission PDF here: AAQ34(2)SilverLinings_group Download Introduction PDF here: AAQ34(2)intro Introduction to the group submission: “Silver Linings: Older People Defying Expectations” Guest Co-editors Lindsay DuBois and Liesl Gambold Jean-Marie Guyau (1854-88), once a lecturer in philosophy at the Lycée Condorcet in Paris, spent the better part of his short career writing a book […]