Anthropology & Aging Vol.36 no.1

The June 2015 issue of Anthropology & Aging features the latest commentaries, articles, and reviews, available free now through our open-access agreement. In addition to our usual content, this issue includes a commentary/response format first introduced in the special issue on the body (33.3) and reintroduced in this issue by Maruta Vitols and Caitrin Lynch’s piece […]

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Anthropology & Aging Quarterly Volume 34, issue 3 (September 2013) pp.135-140 Fascinating Wisdom: “The Solon Senior Project” Judy Takács, Painter Download full high quality printable PDF here: AAQ34(3)TAKACS-hires If the delicious signs of aging were considered fascinating and revered in our culture, how would they be honored in art? What if every pucker and fold


AAQ Volume 34 issue 3, Special Issue on the Body, September 2013

AAQ 34(3) SEPTEMBER 2013 Editor’s Introduction to the issue: the Aging Body Jason Danely COMMENTARY From Being to Ontogenetic Becoming: Commentary on Analytics of the Aging Body Ender Ricart, University of Chicago Discussion Katrina L. Moore, University of New South Wales, Australia Athena C. McLean, Central Michigan University ARTICLES Postmenopausal Health and Disease from the

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