AAGE Conferences and Workshops

AAGE Conferences and Workshops

AAGE hosts conferences and workshops to bring together members and other parties interested in age-related research.

Past meetings include:

  • 2017 “Culture, Commitment, and Care Across the Life Course” Held at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK. In conjunction with ACYIG. Organizers: Jason Danely and Patrick Alexander
  • 2015  “Health Disparities in Aging” Held at Florida International University, Miami. Organizer: Iveris Martinez
  • 2011 “Health Informatics in an Aging Population”  Held at University of Maryland, College Park, MD Organizer: Bo Xie
  • 2009 “Aging, Health, and the Indigenous People of North America” Held at University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK Organizer: Lori Jervis
  • 2007 “Language, Health, and Aging” Held at Penn State University, State College, PA Organizer: Bob Schrauf
  • 2006 “Aging in Africa”  Held at Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA Organizer: Sharon King
  • 2005 “Aging in Asia” Held at University of Texas, Austin Organizer: John Traphagan
  • 2004 “Intergenerational Research” & “Aging in Place and Space” Held at Washington University at St. Louis, St. Louis, MO Organizer: Peggy Perkinson
  • 2003 “Culture and Dementia—II” Held at UCSF, San Francisco, CA Organizers: Linda Mitteness & Judith Barker
  • 2002 “Culture and Dementia—I”  Held at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL  Organizers: Micki Iris & Rebecca Berman












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