Margaret Clark Award recipients (1993-2019)


Graduate Student Winner: Yifan Wang (Rice University);

Undergraduate Student Winner: Olivia Brophy (St. Mary’s College of California)


Graduate Student Winner: Rose Keimig (Yale University);

Undergraduate Student Winner: Olivia Silva, co-authors Ariel Cascio and Eric Racine (McGill Univeristy)

[No awards were made from 2015-2017 due to restrictions related to renewal of non-profit status]


Graduate Student Winner: Ben Kasstan, Durham University, “Tokens of Trauma: The Experience of Ageing Shoah Survivors in a Jewish Support Centre”;

Undergraduate Student Winner: Lilly Lerer, University of Chicago, Slowing Down Medicine: The Plural Worlds of Hospice Care.

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Ender Ricart, University of Chicago, Care Prevention and Emergent Ontologies of Healthy Aging in Japan;

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Anna Corwin, UCLA, Emptying the Self: Kenotic Practice in a Catholic Convent Infirmary;

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Tony Pomales, University of Iowa, Experiences of Aging, Marginality and Social Suffering Among Older Adult Women Sex Workers in Costa Rica

[the award was not administered between 2009-2013]


Graduate Student Winner:  Cathy M. Wong, University of Massachusetts, Boston, The Effects of Educational Attainment and Gender on Depression in Later Life;

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Philip S. Brenner & Erica Siegl, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Assessing Longitudinal Relationships between Social Factors and Health;

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Deborah Gray, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Labor Supply Decisions of Older Men and Women: Who Works and Who Retires;

Undergraduate Student Winner:  Laura Marie Cancro, Assumption College, Worcester, More Than Transportation: Older Adults’ Driving Beliefs


Graduate Student Winner:  Archana Prakash, University of Massachusetts, Boston, “Aging in Place” Among Senior Homeowners;

Undergraduate Student Winner:  Yongjie Yon, Kwantlen University College, Study of Ageism and Elder Abuse by Young Adults: “Is Ageism Associated with Elder Abuse?”

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Krupa Hegde, Notre Dame University, Race and Neuropsychological Test Performance in African American and Non-Hispanic White Elders: Do Black-White Differences Really Exist?;

Undergraduate Student Honorable Mention:  Katherine Lovett, Assumption College, Worcester, Family Relationships and Care


Graduate Student Winner:  Kerstin Gerst, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Talking About and Acting on End-of-Life Planning: Factors Influencing Advance Directives Completion;

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Archana Prakash, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Disparity in Health Insurance Between Natives and Immigrants of Pre-retirement Age Group


Graduate Student Winner: Lindsey Baker, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Change in Health & Health Behavior Among a Middle-Aged Sample of Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren; 

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Lisa Brando, University of Colorado, Denver, No Closet in My House? The Context of Housing Decisions for Lesbians and Bisexual Women 55+

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Kelly Niles, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Long-Distance Caregiving: A Look at Gender and Utilization of Formal and Informal Support Mechanisms;

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Bo Xie, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Can Internet Use Facilitate Older Chinese’s Organizational and Community Involvement?


Graduate Student Co-Winner: Kate de Medeiros, University of Maryland, Baltimore County,
Expanding Narrative Approaches to Life Stories of the Elderly;

Graduate Student Co-Winner: Susan Magasi, University of Illinois, Chicago, Social Support and Social Network Mobilization in Older African American Women Who Have Experienced Stroke;

Undergraduate Student Winner: Robin Pleau, University of California, Davis, Studying While “Old”: How Midlife Women Students Experience and Cope with Age-Based Stigma

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Daphna Gans, University of Southern California, Longitudinal Age Changes in Filial Norms Over 15 Years: A Growth Curve Analysis;

Undergraduate Student Honorable Mention: Katherine Paulette, Bay Path College, Decreasing Agitation in Dementia Through Music


Graduate Student Winner: Jessica Busch, University of Hawaii at Manoa,
Anything Traditional is Best:  Longevity, Identity, and Traditional Foods in Rural Japan

Graduate Student Winner:  Jennifer Hagerty Lingler, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, A Relationship-Centered Approach to Dementia Ethics

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: David Stevenson, Harvard University,
Home and Community Based Care – Conceptual Ideal versus Reality

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Rebecca Utz, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, To Fight, or To Accept?  Two Generations of Women Reflect on Menopause, Health, and Aging


Graduate Student Winner: Kathryn Elaine Grant, University of Florida,
Age, Gender and Ethnicity in Physician-Patient Encounters:  Cultural Semantics and the Hierarchical Relations of Biomedicine”

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Cathrine Degnen, McGill University,
Minding the Gap: The Intra- and Inter-generational Social Construction of ‘Real’ Old Age in England

Undergraduate Student Winner: Jennifer Kaczynski, Bay Path College, The Use of Music as a Therapeutic Modality as Evidenced by the Worry Scale Research Results

Undergraduate Student Honorable Mention: Matthew Kaler, Body Image and Old Age:  Exploring the Morality on Vitality

Undergraduate Student Honorable Mention: Joy Demata, Wayne State University, Deinstitutionalization and the Mentally Ill Homeless Population: Service Access, Quality Care, and Cost


Graduate Student Winner: Helen Cho, University of Missouri-Columbia,
Is There Life After 40?  A Comparison of Osteoporosis in Three Populations of African Ancestry

Graduate Student Honorable Mention: Winner: Michelle Marie Washko, University of Massachusetts-Boston,
A Theoretical Examination of Generativity:  Past, Present and Future Research Directions

Graduate Student Honorable Mention:  Courtney Everts Mykytyn, University of Southern California,
Executing Aging Online


Graduate Student Winner: Leslie Vaughan, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Developing an Ethogram to Record Environmental Influences on the Occupation of Time and Quality of Life Persons with Dementia Living in Institutions

Undergraduate Student Winner: Ian C. Kerrigan, Northern University, A Place to Meet “Old People Like Me”: Community Identity Construction Among Southeast Asian Senior Refugees in Chicago

Honorable Mention: Lona H. Choi, University of Massachusetts,
Grandparent and Grandchild Relationships: Perception of Roles and Obligation

1999 (none awarded)


Graduate Student Winner: Helene H. Fung, Stanford University, The Influence of Time on Social Preferences: Implications for Life-Span Development.

Honorable Mention: Tony Hebert, University of Florida, Gainesville, Capturing the Uncaptured: An Anthropological Approach to Quality of Life Perceptions Among Elderly African Americans with Glaucoma.

Honorable Mention: Dena Schulman,  Ed. M., M.A., Gerontology Center, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Sexual Expression in Nursing Homes: A Review of the Literature

1997 (none awarded)


Co-Winner: Susan C. Eaton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Beyond ‘Unloving Care’: Linking Work Organization and Patient Care Quality in Nursing Homes

Co-Winner: Julie Haun, Portland State University,
Functional Uses of Language in the Conversational Discourse of a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease

Honorable Mention: Hisashi Yamagata, Carnegie Mellon University, Encounters Across Boundaries: The Ethnographer and the Elderly in an Urban Community Center


Winner: Lene Levy-Storms, School of Public Health, University of California, Los Angeles, The Predictors of Institutionalization in Context: A Crises Perspective

Honorable Mention: Sylvia J. Ansay, Department of Sociology, University of Florida,
An Older Family Deals With Nursing Home Placement: A Narrative Case Study

Honorable Mention: Tovah Bates, Department of  Social and Behavioral Sciences School of Nursing, University of California, San Francisco,
Loss of Self in Alzheimer’s Disease: Perspectives of the Afflicted

Honorable Mention: Linda Verrill, Sociology Department, Georgia State University, Physical Activity and the Self-Concept of Older People: Creating and Maintaining A “Physically Fit” Identity


Winner: Elizabeth J. Herskovits, University of California, San Francisco,
Struggling Over Subjectivity: Representations of Debates About the “Self” and Alzheimer’s Disease

Honorable Mention: Alex Hinton, Emory University,
Agents of Death: Explaining the (Cambodian) Genocide in Terms of Psychosocial Dissonance

Honorable Mention: Lynell Lacey, Northwestern University,
Illness Observed: A Review of the Current Models for Examining Health, Illness, and Healing

Honorable Mention: Donna M. Meisel, University of Maryland at Baltimore, The Lay Evolution of Suicide


Winner: Judith Libhaber, M.A., Dept. of Clinical Psychology, New York University, Gender Roles: Is There a Cross-Over in Later Life?

Honorable Mention: Russel P. Shuttleworth, M.A., University of California at San Francisco,
The Rehabilitative Social Imaginary and the Dementia Patient

Honorable Mention: Eric Westfried, Ph.D., University of Colorado Health Sciences Center,
Parental Status as a Variable in the Diagnosis of Psychotic Disorders

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