2018 Margaret Clark Awards for best graduate and undergraduate student papers

AAGE invites graduate and undergraduate students to submit papers of interest to anthropology and gerontology to compete for the Margaret Clark Award. This award supports the continued pursuit of work following the example of Margaret Clark, a pioneer in the multidisciplinary study of socio-cultural gerontology and medical anthropology, and a scholar committed to mentoring younger colleagues. Published or accepted manuscripts are ineligible for this competition. Limit one entry per student.

Winning papers will receive $300, and the jurors may select papers for Honorable Mention with a free AAGE year membership. Winning papers will be given the right of first refusal by Anthropology & Aging and acknowledged at the American Anthropological Association annual meeting. Abstracts of the winning manuscripts will also be published on the AAGE website.

List of past recipients 1993-2014

Profile of 2014 winners Ben Kasstan (G) and Lily Lerer (UG)


Contributions are invited from students of all disciplines and methods. Non-members and members are invited to apply. We welcome submissions that are research, analytic, or literary in nature, and academic, applied or practice oriented. Graduate and undergraduate status are determined by enrollment status during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Essays will be judged on the following criteria

  • Originality and timeliness of topic
  • Effective use of theory and evidence
  • Significance to anthropological studies of aging
  • Clear and effective writing and organization

Submission of Manuscripts

Submissions must include the following as a single MS Word document:

  • Title page with the following information
    • Undergraduate or graduate status during 2017-2018 academic year
    • Name, mailing address and institutional affiliation and email address (and future contact information if a change is anticipated)
    • Brief (150-200 words) abstract
    • Word Count (no more than 9,000 words)
  • Manuscript should be no more than 9,000 words (including all materials, notes, & bibliography), written in English, double-spaced with references in any standard bibliographic format (e.g. American Anthropologist, American Psychological Association)

Deadline: Materials must be submitted by June 1. Only complete submissions will be considered. Submissions and related questions should be sent to both award chairs via email with “Margaret Clark Award” in the subject line:

Elana Buch: elana-buch@uiowa.edu

Emily Wentzell: emily-wentzell@uiowa.edu



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