Month: October 2013

AAGE X ACYIG: Richard Zimmer on generational links in special needs families

When I was in San Diego last spring for the SPA/ACYIG Meeting (Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group), I attended a panel discussion on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (which only the USA and Somalia are yet to ratify). Many of us are involved in similar political advocacy for the […]

Response to Ricart’s “From Being to Ontogenetic Becoming” (AAQ v.34 n.3): Athena McLean

Last month, AAQ published a commentary by Ender Ricart (University of Chicago) on ways that aging could shed light on the paradigms anthropologists use to understand the body. We also included a response by anthropologist Katrina Moore (University of New South Wales, AUS). This month, Athena McLean (Central Michigan University) responds to Ender’s commentary.   […]

Vote on the Revision of Bylaws

Over the past few years it has become clear that our current bylaws (1979) no longer reflect our association’s operating practices nor its structure. The Executive Council recently reviewed the bylaws with an eye towards 1) streamlining the association’s organization; 2) incorporating a greater number of perspectives; 3) modernizing our legal and fiscal structure (reincorporating […]

Elections close Tuesday, October 15th!

AAGE members should have received an email by now with a link to a ballot and the candidates’ statements. Please submit your vote by Oct 15th. CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT-ELECT Iveris L. Martinez (PhD, Anthropology & Public Health, The Johns Hopkins University, 2001; Postdoctoral training, 2002-2003, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Health Policy & Management)  […]