AAGE is a nonprofit organization operating under AAGE bylaws.

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Our current President is Jason Danely, Senior Lecturer of Anthropology and affiliate of the Centre for Medical Humanities at Oxford Brookes University. Jason holds a PhD in Anthropology from University of California San Diego and is currently conducting research on the experiences of unpaid caregivers of older family in Japan and the UK.

Our Past-President, Iveris Martinez, is Associate Professor and Chief of the Division of Medicine and Society, Department of Humanities, Health, and Society and Committee Member, Educational Leadership Enhancement Program at Florida International University in Miami.

Presidents are elected every two years, and serve one year as President-Elect, two years in office, and one year as Immediate Past President. The official transfer traditionally takes place at the annual business meeting at the meeting of the American Anthropological Association or the Gerontological Society of America (November). Scroll down to see a list of all Past Presidents of AAGE.

Current AAGE leadership is illustrated in this chart:

Past Presidents of AAGE

Christine L. Fry 1979-1981
Jay Sokolovsky 1981-1983
Linda Cool 1983
Anthony Glascock 1984
J. Kevin Eckert 1985
Dena Shenk 1986
Doris Francis 1987
Robert L. Rubinstein 1988
Maria Vesperi 1989
Marjorie M. Schweitzer 1990
Linda S. Mitteness 1991
Mark R. Luborsky 1992
Otto Von Mering (1922-2010) 1993
Phil Stafford 1994
Jacob Climo (1946-2003) 1995
Neil Henderson 1996
Maria Cattell 1997 & 1998
Madelyn (Micki) Iris 1999
Judith Barker 2000 & 2001
Gillian Ice 2002 & 2003
Margaret (Peggy) Perkinson 2004-2005
John Traphagan 2006
Robert Schrauf 2007-2008
Sherylyn Briller 2009-2010
Lori Jervis 2011-2012
Samantha Solimeo 2013-2014
Iveris Martinez 2015-2016

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