Month: August 2019

Anthropology & Aging, new issue just published!

The latest issue of Anthropology & Aging 40(2) has just been published. The special issue Energy and Aging in the Danish Welfare State: Ethnographic Explorations of an Omnipresent but Forgotten Concept is guest edited by Henrik Hvenegaard Mikkelsen, Nete Schwennesen, and Aske Juul Lassen (University of Copenhagen). The issue includes an introduction by the guest editors and several thought-provoking […]

Older men, long-term caregivers – by Carlos Chirinos

Older men long-term caregivers: Exploring domestic and conjugal care during disability and illness in Levante Spain My thesis project tries to understand the relationships of domestic care in situations of illness and disability, situating it as a co-construction based on localized experiences. With this, I try to understand the cultural system that is built through […]