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NEW issue of AAGE's journal!

All of the articles in the latest issue of Anthropology & Aging (vol 43 no 1) are now available free to download!

New articles by Sébastien Libert and Paul Higgs on the symbolic power of dementia diagnosis, Anne Aronsson on “technocare” and gender in Japan, and Allison Kabel on modest swimwear, religiosity and aging!
In addition to articles, this issue features a Research Report by Lynette M. Castronovo, Matthew Dalstrom, and Brandie Messer using the metaphor of pilgrimage to examine the ‘VetsRoll’ memorial journey, and a Commentary by Jason Danely reviewing two new books on older prisoners.
Plus five reviews of the latest titles by Leibing and Schicktanz, Coe, Clotworthy, Joy and Gangopadhyay. If you want to review a book for Anthropology & Aging, you can view our list of available books here.
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There are 9 volumes in the series, including monographs and edited volumes.
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