About AAGE

The Association for Anthropology and Gerontology (AAGE) was established in 1978 as a multidisciplinary group dedicated to the exploration and understanding of aging within and across the diversity of human cultures. Our perspective is holistic, comparative, and international. Our members come from a variety of academic and applied fields, including the social and biological sciences, nursing, medicine, policy studies, social work, and service provision. AAGE is a global network of educators, students, scholars, researchers, and professionals genuinely interested in one another’s projects and in helping each other contribute to understanding the aging process and the lives of older persons around the world. Read more about our Governance here.

In alliance with the AAA Interest Group on Aging and the Life Course and Berghahn Press we publish the Berghahn Book Series: Aging, Culture and the Life Course: Global Transformations as well as the academic journal Anthropology & Aging (formerly Anthropology and Aging Quarterly).


AAGE is present at a number of yearly conferences in addition to its (bi)annual workshop. The last conference was held in 2o15.


AAGE sponsors the Jacob Climo Award to support student conference travel and the Margaret Clark Award to recognize excellent student scholarship. Read more about our awards here.

Contact us

Follow us on Facebook and join the conversation there, or email our current president at president@anthropologyandgerontology.com.

If there’s a problem with the website, you can contact the administrator here: admin@anthropologyandgerontology.com.

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